Christmas Tree Bunting

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I saw a tutorial for making a tree bunting at Sadie and Lance and knew I had to make one.  Since I am just returning to sewing, I don't have a stash of fabric scraps on hand.  This can be a good thing sometimes! My local fabric store (which conveniently opened less than a month ago less than two blocks from my house) had these gorgeous batik fabrics that I had been eyeing.  I knew I had to make something with them and this looked like the perfect project.

I chose three different batiks and a matching flannel for the back.  I hung the bunting between two rooms, so the back is always visible.

This project was pretty quick once I had all the materials ready.  The hardest part was wearing out my hand from using the pinking shears for such a long time.  Are everyone's pinking shears this hard on the hand or are my ancient shears special?

The photos don't really do the trees justice -- it was hard to photograph in the location I chose to hang the bunting.  They are very cheery and welcoming and add a nice feeling to the space.  I will be sad to have to take them down when the holiday is over.  Perhaps a spring bunting is needed to replace them at that time.  There were some lovely yellow and pink batiks at the store...


Alia said...

Hi. This is really lovely! I am so stoked on trying this even after the 'day'! There is always next year and somehow, I got the idea to make one for each of my (two) kids for their bedrooms. All this while looking at your blog! So, thanks! Hope you had a Merry day!

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