Treasure Bags

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What child doesn't want to collect "treasures" while outside?  Little Man loves collecting fir cones, leaves, rocks, twigs, and yes... dirt.  Soulemama's book Handmade Home inspired this project to give him somewhere to store his treasures while out and about.  Of course I couldn't just make one bag -- somehow he ended up with three!  One for the beach, one for in the yard, and a little sock monkey print bag for walks (I keep that one handy in the car).  The main part of the bag body is made of a plasticized mesh, so they hold up well to sand and water.  I did the handles and edging (along the top and inside down both seams) with a wide cotton twill tape.

The verdict?  Success!  Little Man now expects to carry one of these any time he is outside.  Earlier this week we were getting boots and a coat on in preparation for an adventure in the yard when he turned to me and asked "cone bag walk?".  Magic to my ears, which heard "Mama I love the bags you made just for me.  Let's grab one and go!".  So away we went, bag in hand.


Alia said...

Absolutely precious! Love your wording! Wish I knew about this when my kids were little. Still, for the beach it beats nasty plastic grocery bags! Now the question is, where does one find this fabric suitable for the sand and beach living in the Middle East? Perhaps I need to order from the States! Thanks! I will put this on my 'gee why did I think of this myself so long ago list' of to do's!!!

Alia said...
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