Work In Progress - Birthday Crown

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One week to go, and Little Man's birthday crown is a pile of mostly uncut felt.  He has decided he doesn't want to nap anymore, and won't sleep when it is bedtime.  So my crafting (and rest, and blogging) time has been nonexistent for the last week and a half.

Much to do, but still time for it to be crafted with love.  Now I must go so I can tuck someone in... again.

Inspiration for birthday crowns:
Ada's crown
Dieter's crown
O's crown


Sarah said...

This looks like it will be cute! I made 16 felt crowns for my daughter's party last year. Crazy! Not something I recommend on a deadline. She still wears hers all the time. You can see it at:

Eagle Loft said...

Wow, I can't believe you made so many! That was ambitious, but they turned out great. What a lovely party favour for the children to take home.

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