Coffee Press Cozy

Monday, December 21, 2009

Yesterday was very productive.  I finished not one, but two projects -- start to finish.  I made another wristlet purse, and also made a coffee press cozy for a Bodum coffee press.  I got the pattern from The New Handmade: Simple Sewing for Contemporary Style (yes, again!  I've made a lot of things from that book this season).  One thing I didn't like about this pattern was that it needed a photocopier that could enlarge the image 167%.  My photocopier doesn't do that, so armed with calculator I worked out the dimensions myself from the smaller image.  It worked out just fine for the Bodum I am gifting this season, but it would not work for my own Bodum.  I have a much older one and the handle is slightly smaller -- just enough that the cozy doesn't really fit.  I'm going to make another one for me after the Christmas crafting rush is over, and I will decrease the size of the tab by 1/4 inch on each side so it fits nicely beneath the handle.

It is rather hard to see in the pictures, but those are coffee beans printed on the fabric.

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