Monkey Toy Bag

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another last minute project addition!  I am removing most of the packaging materials from store-bought gifts for our toddler before wrapping them for Christmas in order to make everything instantly accessible on Christmas morning.  It's no fun struggling with the thousands of twist-ties that are now used to optimally position toys within their packaging, or the tape that seals boxes like they have precious treasure inside.  It also makes things at least a tiny bit less commercial when you don't have all the packaging to deal with -- you just have the toy, ready to go.  So last night I was unpackaging a toy called "String and Beep", which is a set of wooden truck and car beads that come with a string to thread them onto.  And I realized that we would now have twelve vehicle beads with no home.  What to do?  Put everything else on hold of course so I could whip up a bag in which to store them.

I more-or-less followed the instructions in The New Handmade: Simple Sewing for Contemporary Style for the zippered pouch.  I say "more-or-less" because it is so similar to the wristlet purse design (and I am now a pro at those after having done several) so I didn't really need to follow the directions.  Also, I increased the size so the bag would hold all of the beads.  As a finishing touch, I made a puffy little zipper pull doo-dad to make it easier for Little Man to work the zipper.  I sewed two sun shapes from the bag fabric together, stuffed them, and attached it to the zipper pull with a ribbon.  It's functional and makes the bag look extra cute.

I like the bag so much that I'm not even wrapping it.  It can be its own gift-wrap and save paper.


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