Happy New Year!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010.  It sounds like something from a science fiction novel rather than the here and now.  The discussions about 2000 (Y2K!) are still so recent.  And yet, it has really been quite the decade with so many events -- both good and bad -- that will weave their way into history.

My life has changed quite a lot over the last decade, but so much of the change has occurred within the last year.  Our family has experienced many challenges in discovering and dealing with Little Man's allergies.  For quite some time this consumed our entire lives -- doctor and hospital visits, finding and preparing special food, just getting by day-to-day.  We still spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but Little Man "helps" so it has become something we do together.  The allergies do not define us now.  They are always there, and we need to always be vigilant to avoid contact with his allergens, but we have the chance now to focus on other things through our day.

As far as resolutions go for this new year, I've decided not to set any.  Over the last few months I've found a path that I think I would like to follow.  So rather than start something new with the new year, I would like to continue to wander the path to see where this journey will go.  This isn't going to be a year of goals and achievements and checklists.  By meandering along I can take time to see little details, freeze moments in time, and truly revel in each experience.  And I plan to enjoy every bit of it.  Care to join me?


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