Always More Projects

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yes, that is a stack of Christmas cards ready to mail.  Yes, I said I wasn't sending Christmas cards this year.

New projects always find me at Christmas.  I set goals well in advance:  what to make, what to cook, what to decorate, etc.  Then I start in on those tasks gradually in November, congratulating myself for getting such an early start.  Then I add projects.  Many projects.  Necessary projects.

This year the crafting bug bit me and I have lots of sewing projects on my list to give as gifts.  Some are fully complete (yay!), but lots are still on hold.  Because this year I needed to learn to make paper snowflakes.  And why have I never made a Christmas bunting before?  So that was another necessary project.  But I had decided not to do cards this year, so that gave me extra time for all these other things I am determined to make.  Right? 

Well, we were on track until I took the most perfect photos of Little Man yesterday.  Photos of him decorating his first Christmas tree.  They were taken in a darkened room, and his face is lit just from the glow of the tree lights.  He looks angelic as he contemplates the magic of the tree.  Obviously it would be wrong to withhold these treasured photos from family and close friends.

Could I attach those photos into a premade card template, print them and be done?  Of course not.  None of the store's templates conveyed the right sense of wonder to go with the photos.  And I didn't like the wording on those templates.  And, well... I needed another project.  So I dusted off my scrapbooking files and got to work creating a custom template last night.  Amazingly, I sent the order online to be printed just before midnight last night and received word that the order was ready today before 9am.  So I was able to spend this evening addressing envelopes, and completed this project in only two days. 

Tomorrow I can return to my regularly scheduled crafting, cooking, decorating and wrapping... unless a new project catches my eye.


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