First Snow

Monday, December 14, 2009

What is more magical than the season's first snow?  The first snow that you ever remember.  We had snow last winter, but Little Man doesn't remember that now.  This morning we woke up to a light dusting and were able to see flakes falling.  (Yes, I think we might have caused it with all those snowflakes we made this weekend.)

We headed outside (with treasure bag in hand) and explored the magical white that covered parts of the garden.  Little Man's first evaluation was that it was cold, and that the snow was ice (he's pretty observant for being less than 2!).  His next thought was that it was some type of dust and he wanted me to go inside to bring him a duster.  Fortunately he settled for a broom.  I have no idea where he gets this cleaning obsession from, but I'm not going to discourage it!

It is so interesting to watch a toddler exploring something new.  As I watched him play I wondered what was going on in his mind.  Does he wonder why everything is suddenly white outside?  Does he think about it, or just accept that sometimes the yard is green and sometimes it is white?  We read books about seasons, so we have talked before about snow falling from the sky.  But if you didn't have a reference for all the different seasons and weather patterns would you wonder what else might fall from the sky?  Maybe he thinks tomorrow we will look out and everything will be red because fire trucks rained from the sky.  I love that everyday things can be wondrous for him.  Our day wasn't just a day of snow, it was a day of magic.


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